The remote control service allows you to manage your IdroMOP / IrriMOP from any distance.
By enabling this service, you create a section that re-invents the own display IdroMOP / IrriMOP and the control panel; in essence it will be how to use the unit normally in complete transparency and convenience.
From any distance, from any place you can work as if you were in front of their IdroMOP / IrriMOP.
You can purchase the service to suit your needs for a minimum period of one month up to 12 months.
This service has no activation fee.
The cost of using the service, however, depends precisely on the time of actual use and is charged by the telephone operator under the contract signed on the SIM card that is contained on IdroMOP / IrriMOP.
In real time you can access your IdroMOP / IrriMOP and perform all the operations that you carry normally.YOUR IRRIGATION IN REAL TIME
You can do it anytime, anywhere.
You'll see the display of your control unit with all the values ​​of the working parameters continuously updated.
You will have the possibility to start the irrigation system (START), stop the job in progress (STOP), manage alarms and working parameters such as adjusting the water pressure and the working time.
With the remote control service it is automatically enabled even the SETUP service.
The SETUP service allows you to check and / or modify all setup parameters of IdroMOP / IrriMOP.
At any time, also to irrigation in progress, you can read the value of these parameters, in order to improve the accuracy and security of your work.
All this in absolute simplicity and comfort.