IdroMOP is an electronic unit dedicated to the management of motorpumps; its quality is the simple interasction with the consumer and at the same time the complete work management, in this way, you can check and set every single part of your job.

In fact, IdroMOP allows you to start a job, to check it during the running and if you decide, to change the work parameters too.


This unit permits such a precision and a high quality of your job; this means that you can reach tranquilly excellent results.

The IdroMOP unit has been disigned for an simple and immediate use; it is very simple because it has an unique knob that can be rotated or pushed.

You can access IdroMOP through a button and a personal key-code.
IdroMOP works with the manual and also with the automatic modality.
You can assign a numerical code to your motorpumps too so you can manage and check all your motorpumps.


  • Monitor your car through APP that makes your job possible via remote smartphone control.
  • Manual / automatic functioning.
  • Automatic regulation of the water pressure with the possibility to exclude the protection plant control.
  • Automatic management of clutch introduction.
  • Complete motor protection: oil pressure, motor temperature, belt braekage, fuel level, coolant level (coolant temperature warning light), dry running, out of motor revolutions, high water pressure.
  • Positive or negative tolerance check of work point of water pressure self-learning.
  • START / STOP irrigation by remote contact.
  • Management of cooling and heating motor stages.
  • 16 work daily/weekly programmes.
  • Running hour count and recurring maintenance.
  • Timing set up to 48 hours.
  • Control of electronic motors by CAN BUS.
  • It is ideal for anti-frost plants, fruit-growing, horticulture, nursery, big fields where there is more than one sprinkler.
  • Management of motorpumps with vertical axle, new throw plants of work pressure, industrial applications, etc.