Area Clienti

Welcome to the clients'area by
This area is a reserved section that offers free to its custromers.
In this way this area allows all users to manage simply, quickly and intuitively their own devices.
With few clicks you can manage your devices and at the same time you can enable the services that offers.
You could manage all your devices. The registration is simply and free.


Offered advantages by the client's area
  • Safety and full control of your work.
  • IdroMOP system allows you to check all your irrigation plants serenely at any distance, with just a few clicks on your mouse.
    You can always visualize, check and modify the work parameters adjusting the IdroMOP system to your exigences.
  • Full management of your units.
  • You can manage all your devices, identify your motoropumps and visualize their position if the unit is supplied with GPS.
  • Human and water resources management.
  • Customers'area will bring you up-dated about the weather conditions, so you could rationalize the available resources; in this way an excellent distribution of water and energetic resources is assured.
    This is very important and it is a real aid for the consumers in order to an intelligent and convenient management of environmental resouces.
    If you use IdroMOP you respect the environment.
  • Possibility to enter the web services (remote control) like runtime and setup.
  • You can also interact with your units at any distance.
    Always if at least one IdroMOP / IrriMOP is supplied with GPRS you can enable the web services that will offer you extraordinary advantages: our unique and revolutionary technology will change the way you work.
    RELIABILITY, SIMPLICITY and COMFORT are our priority.